Design, Analysis and Optimization of Subsea and Onshore Pipelines from FRP Materials – MilTech

The new report from Energy & Natural Resources Market Reports has been published today. It provides updated in 2018 year analysis of energy & natural resources industries.

Applying materials science theory and engineering to an important infrastructure use, this book explains the design, analysis, and performance of composite materials in oil, gas, water and waste water piping. Part one presents critical composites calculations with a special emphasis on failure analysis, dynamic responses due to pulsed and sudden loading, as well as pressure vibration. Part two offers theoretical tools for evaluating the design and lifetime performance of above ground, underground and underwater FRP piping. The text furnishes design information for pipe and its supports, damage analysis prediction and corrosion, as well as in-service temperature and pressure gradients to carry out loading calculations. Optimization methods are presented for cost analysis. Pre- and in-service quality control and maintenance are discussed. Book is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing algorithms for pipe design and analysis using Mathematica software, which includes equations for calculating joint design, hanger widths, expansion loops, as well as safe depths for pipes under highways and railroads.


– Mechanical design methodologies, including stress and stability analysis for FRP pipelines– Flow-pipe interaction modeling to prevent flow-induced vibration– Wave propagati....

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