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The London Times says attempts are making to resuscitate blockade-running, and that vessels of a new class are in preparation for beaching on the coast of Florida.


The news by Africa, somewhat contradictory and indecisive as to the fighting at Petersburgh, was without any material effect. It, however, caused a slight improvement in United States bonds, and a corresponding depression in the Confederate Loan.


The London Times of the 11th has the following:

"By the arrival of the Madras, we have received intelligence from Melbourne to the 23d of February. The principal item of intelligence is an account of the proceedings the government of Victoria has been compelled to take with regard to the Confederate war steamer Shenandoah. It has been reported that the vessel had actually been seized by the authorities, but this is an exaggeration of the facts. In consequence of information communicated to the government, it felt justified in placing a strict guard of police at the slip on which the vessel was undergoing repair, to prevent any breach of neutrality by the enlistment of British subjects. But the government did not intend to detain the ship, and as soon as her repairs were completed she would proceed to sea. We give the details from the Australian News of the 23d of February: The arrival of the Shenandoah on the 25th January created much excitement in Melbourne, as it was reported she was commanded by Capt.....

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