LETTER: Woodfibre an election issue

Many people have been arguing that Woodfibre LNG should not be an election issue, however here are four reasons why we believe it needs to be.

Council (or the SLRD) will need to vote on all these upcoming issues related to Woodfibre LNG. This is why its important to understand where each candidate stands on this project, their history, and any potential conflicts of interest before you vote.

Municipal taxes:

Woodfibre LNG (WLNG) has refused to discuss municipal taxes with the District of Squamish. In 2014, WLNG proposed paying $2 million in taxes which is what the pulp mill used to pay until it closed in 2006. We successfully lobbied the council to reject this offer as land values had increased significantly and an LNG facility is valued much higher than a pulp mill.

Since that time, BC Assessment Authority has estimated that WLNG will pay $5 to 7 million in municipal taxes every year, and we need to ensure that whoever gets elected to council (whether or not they support LNG) makes sure that WLNG pays their fair share. We are very concerned that some pro-LNG councillors may try to cut a deal with Woodfibre LNG and reduce the municipal taxes that they should pay.

If we are going to deal with safety risks, doubling our local greenhouse gas emissions, local air pollution, noise pollution, and environmental impacts to fish, marine mammals, and seabirdsin addition to many other impacts to our communitythen we need to ensure that Squamish receives the maximum amount of municipal t....

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