Police place travel ban on salvage firm bosses who claimed sunken ship contained £100bn in gold

The newspaper reported that authorities were investigating allegations that the company encouraged investors to buy the cryptocurrency by claiming they would be reimbursed with gold recovered from the ship the Dmitrii Donskoi.

Launched in St Petersburg in August 1883, the Dmitrii Donskoi was designed as a commerce raider and fitted with both a full set of sails and a coal-fired engine.

The ship spent most of its career operating in the Mediterranean and the Far East and was deployed to Imperial Russias Second Pacific Squadron after the Japanese fleet destroyed the majority of Russias naval power in the Far East in the opening salvoes of the 1904 Russo-Japanese War. 

The squadron was intercepted by the Japanese fleet in May 1905 and decimated at the Battle of Tsushima. Assigned to protect the transport ships at the rear of the formation, the Dmitrii Donskoi managed to evade the attacking force, but was lat....

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