Quintero LNG hits road tanker loading milestone

Quintero LNG hits road tanker loading milestone
LNG road tankers are helping Quintero deliver gas to thousands of customers not connected to the grid

The Quintero LNG receiving terminal on Chiles northern coast has completed its 50,000th road tanker loading operation. The facilitys four truck bays, which have the capacity to load up to 1,100 tonnes of LNG per day, or 50 truckloads, are playing an increasingly important role in the delivery of gas in the Valparaso-Santiago region. 

South Americas first land-based LNG import terminal, and the first in the southern hemisphere, Quintero has been in operation since 2009. The first two road loading bays were commissioned in 2011 and two more were added in 2014.

The distribution of LNG by road enables gas to be supplied to a wide variety of customers not hooked up to the national grid. Customers include Endesa Chile, the largest utility company in the country, transport companies, industrial plants and an extensive range of residential and commercial users.

The Quintero LNG import terminal enjoys a high utilisation rate, in the region of 80%, and is currently in the midst of a second major expansion phase. The construction of a fourth tank, due for completion in 2021, will increase the facilitys overall storage capacity from 334,000 to 480,000 m3 while additional vaporisers will boost the regasification capability from 3.75 to 5 million tonnes per annum (mta) of LNG.  

Quintero LNG is a joint venture comprising Enags, with a 40% stake, Omers Infrastructure Chile Holdings 29.6%, Enap 2....

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