State Offshore Drilling Bills to be Discussed by Appropriations Committees

Photo: Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

By Daniel Ritz and Eric Heinz 

Fiscal Committees in State Senate and Assembly Will Determine Fates of SB 834 and AB 1775.

Two bills seeking to prevent new offshore drilling activities off the California coast are currently being reviewed by the Appropriations Committees in both houses; with each bill making it out of its respective committee of the State Senate and Assembly.

Senate Bill 834 (SB 834) and Assembly Bill 1775 (AB 1775) both challenge federal efforts to pursue new offshore drilling opportunities off the California coast. Both bills, if approved by state legislators and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, would continue Californias efforts to challenge President Donald Trumps environmental policies.

The city of Dana Point is listed as an official supporter of both bills.

The Assemblys Natural Resources Committee approved SB 834 by a 7-3 vote on June 25, allowing it to move forward to the Appropriations Committee one day later. SB 834 made it out of the State Senate by a 24-8 vote (7 no-shows) on May 30.

AB 1775, meanwhile, made it out of the State Senates Natural Resources and Water Committee on June 26 (7-2 vote), setting it up to be in the upper houses Appropriations Committee. Assembly members approved this proposal on May 30; the vote was 45-24 with nine no-shows.

Both bills, which mirror each other, propose to prohibit oil and gas exploration on state lands associated with Outer Continental Shelf leases. State Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson, D-Santa Barbara, and Assemblym....

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