Thrilling Underwater Shipwrecks to See Around the World

© Getty Thrilling Underwater Shipwrecks to See Around the World Scuba diving is a sport with restrictionsnot only on how deep you can go and how long you can stay underwater, but limits on just how far your own nerves will take you, too.

For divers who dare, theres nothing quite as thrilling as finning through the bones of a shipwreck, exploring hidden chambers, and coming face-to-face with waterlogged moments in time.

Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

© Photograph by Adam Horwood, Getty Images Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

The wrecks of more than 60 Japanese warships destroyed by American forces in 1944 lay at the bottom of a pristine lagoon in Micronesia. And while Japanese families still arrive to pay their respects to the many lives lost here, divers come from all over the world for an underwater window into World War II history. Japanese cargo ships, fuel supply ships, and Japanese Zero fighter planes inside cargo bays can all be seen. Underwater photographer and avid scuba diver Brandon Cole says to be prepared for a sobering experience, however. Diving here means coming to grips with the tragedy of war. Finding little domestic thingsa toothbrush, a boot, scraps of clothinghad a profound impact on me, he says. It wasnt all about the guns and ammo and tanks. Penetrating inside some wrecks can be a bit scary and very exciting at the same time.

Scapa Flow, Scotland

© Photograph by Geraint Tellem, Alamy Stock Photo Orkney Islands, Scotland

Its worth braving the icy water of the Orkney Islan....

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