Yaskawa Environmental Energy DC hubs super-fast transistor-based circuit breakers are a game changer

Yaskawa to supply The Switch-DC hubs for Teekay and Wrtsil dual-fuel shuttle tankers
Yaskawa multi-megawatt The Switch DC-Hub with electronic bus link to be fitted to Teekay tankers

Yaskawa Environmental Energy/The Switch signs largest marine contract to date to supply DC hubs and frequency converters for innovative Teekay and Wrtsil shuttle tankers

Finland-headquartered Yaskawa Environmental Energy/The Switch, has signed a contract to provide 16 The Switch DC-Hubs and 32 frequency converters for a dual-fuel LNG-powered shuttle tanker concept developed by Teekay and Wrtsil.

The four tankers will be built by Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea, with The Switch set to begin deliveries to system integrator Wrtsil in September 2018.

The Switch DC-Hub helps dual-fuel vessels cut fuel consumption and emissions by shaving peak electrical loads in seaways. The Switch DC-Hubs will be paired with electronic bus links which can isolate errors in the system in ten microseconds.

The Switch DC-Hub and electronic bus link allow space on board to be saved as there is no need for spare auxiliary equipment. It is now possible to run with only one genset and batteries running at optimum efficiency instead of multiple gensets running at inefficient part loads, said The Switch general manager Norway, Asbjrn Halsebakke.

The agreement is the biggest marine contract for The Switch and the technology is a key piece of the jigsaw. It provides absolute redundancy and system availability, while elimi....

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